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Featured Presenters

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Stacks Image 115Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Marc Prensky, author of BRAIN GAIN: Technology and the Quest for Digital Wisdom, is an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, and innovator in the fields of business, education and learning. Considered one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between learning and technology, Marc’s professional focus is on designing better pedagogy and curriculum for the digital generation and on helping people understand how to thrive in the digital age. Known for his original, innovative ideas, he is also practical: Strategy+Business magazine calls Prensky “That rare visionary who implements.” 

Prensky focuses on how to best put human minds and digital tools together wisely in business, in school and in life. In education he takes the perspective of the students, as well as than the providers, offering solutions both for how to teach and motivate today’s students, and for how to motivate and reinvigorate teachers. Through his writings and talks, he helps educators learn to adapt their pedagogy in ways that are far more effective for the 21st century, including a new form of “partnering” between teachers and students. In his business talks, he shows people how to succeed in the turbulent 21st century.

In his talks around the globe, Marc initiates and conducts unique educator-student and manager-worker dialogs about the teaching, training and learning processes. His innovative combination of pedagogy and technology—including digital game-based learning, where he was an early business pioneer—is becoming increasingly accepted and used worldwide as the wave of the future. Marc also focuses on how to teach future-oriented skills—including problem-solving, partnering, collaborating in online communities, video-making and programming—as an integrated part of all curricula. He is a strong partisan of teachers’ knowing and using students’ individual passions as motivators, and of students’ participation in the design of their own education. 

Marc has published five books and scores of essays and articles, including the seminal Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants in 2001. His books include Digital Game-Based Learning (McGraw-Hill, 2001), Don’t Bother Me Mom – I’m Learning (Paragon House, 2006), Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning (Corwin, 2010) and From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom (Corwin 2012) and BRAIN GAIN: Technology and the Quest for Digital Wisdom (Palgrave Macmillan 2012). He was graduated cum laude from Oberlin College, holds Master’s degrees from Yale University, Middlebury College, and from The Harvard Business School with distinction, ran a charter school in East Harlem, NY, and has taught at all levels, from elementary to college.

Marc also performed on Broadway and at Lincoln Center, worked on Wall Street, and spent six years as a corporate strategist and product development director with the prestigious Boston Consulting Group. After his wide variety of experiences, he is thrilled to be back working in the field of education and learning.

Marc is a native New Yorker, where he lives with his wife Rie, a Japanese writer, and their son Sky, a thriving second-grader in the New York City public schools.

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Stacks Image 121Breakfast Keynote Speaker

David Warlick is a 35 year educator. He has been a classroom teacher, district administrator and staff consultant with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction. For the past fifteen years, Mr. Warlick has operated The Landmark Project, a consulting and innovations firm in Raleigh, North Carolina.

David’s attribution web site, Citation Machine, serves nearly a million page views a day and his classroom blogging service has served more than a quarter of a million teachers and students.

Mr. Warlick is the author of four books about instructional technology and contemporary literacy and has spoken to audiences throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and South America. He was recently named one of the ten most influential people in educational technology by Technology & Learning Magazine.

What makes David Warlick a highly effective and sought-after speaker is that, at heart, he is a teacher with a contagious passion and enthusiasm for helping people discover a brand new world of teaching and learning.

Stacks Image 71Stacks Image 74Richard Byrne is best known in the educational technology community for his award-winning blog Free Technology for Teachers. On a daily basis Richard’s blog Free Technology for Teachers reaches a subscriber base of more than 48,000 educators. In addition to writing Free Technology for Teachers, Richard writes a monthly column for School Library Journal, is a contributing author to What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media, has written for Teacher Librarian, and recently launched Android 4 Schools. Richard has presented at conferences and at schools across North America and Europe. Richard’s work is focused on sharing free web-based resources that educators can use to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

Richard became a Google Certified Teacher in 2009. In 2010 he was the runner-up for ACTEM’s (Association of Computer Teachers and Educators in Maine) educator of the year award. Tech & Learning Magazine named Richard one of their “people to watch” in their 100@30 30th Anniversary celebration (http://techlearning.com/article/26660).
Stacks Image 62Stacks Image 68Leslie Fishers interest in technology began while studying music at the University of Southern California. She quickly realized the value of utilizing computers for music mixing and recording. She grabbed her 300 baud modem, jumped on the Internet (before anyone really called it the internet) and started looking for music resources. She soon realized she was spending more time discovering technology than playing music so she changed her major and tried to figure out what geeky thing she could do for the rest of her life.

After graduating from USC with a Business and Marketing degree in 1989 and a quick stint as a Trainer, Leslie joined Apple Computer in 1992. When the Internet took off in 1994, Leslie was one of the first Apple employees assigned to study Internet growth and implementation.

In 1997, Leslie was roadkill on Apple's road to recovery and part of their massive lay off. Leslie planned to spend most of her huge severance package golfing and waiting a few months to look for a job. The day after her layoff, her phone began to ring with Apple customers requesting consulting, training and presentation services. Before she could say fore, Fisher Technologies Inc. was created to help educators with their technology implementations and decisions.
Fisher Technologies Inc. is now a worldwide company (meaning one employee named Leslie gets to travel the world teaching) specializing in presenting technology solutions for educators as well as Digital Photography, editing and workflow.
Stacks Image 77Stacks Image 80Kathy Schrock has been a school district Director of Technology, an instructional technology specialist, an adjunct education professor, and a middle school, academic, museum, and public library librarian. She is currently teaching online graduate courses for Wilkes University, as part of the Wilkes-Discovery masters program in instructional media and for Arcadia University. Kathy is an Adobe Education Leader, a Google Certified Teacher, and a Discovery Education STAR and a DEN Guru.

In addition to teaching online, Kathy writes, speaks, blogs, tweets, and conducts professional development workshops, presentations, and keynotes throughout the world. She is known for her practical presentations dealing with pedagogically sound practices for the embedding of technology seamlessly into teaching and learning. Her passions are online tools to support classroom instruction, the role of emerging technologies in the classroom, copyright and intellectual property, and gadgets of any type!
Stacks Image 85Stacks Image 88Tammy Worcester has over twenty-five years of educational experience. She began her career in the classroom, teaching nearly every grade from kindergarten through middle school. 
Currently, Tammy works for ESSDACK, an educational service center in Kansas, as an Instructional Technology Specialist, providing staff development and training in the area of technology integration.

Tammy is extremely innovative and resourceful and specializes in finding unique and creative ways to use traditional computer tools in the classroom. She enjoys sharing her ideas with teachers throughout the nation, at conferences and in schools, and has a presentation style that can be described as inspiring.

Her website, “Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers” (www.tammyworcester.com) is a popular online resource for teachers around the world. Tammy is also the author of nearly a dozen best-selling technology resource books that are published and marketed nationally.

Tammy’s experiences as a parent, a teacher, a technology director, and a training specialist have allowed her to develop a strong sense of best educational practices. Those skills, coupled with her technology expertise, enable her to create and provide practical, easy-to-implement ideas that will help teachers make better classrooms -- one mouse click at a time.

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