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Student Showcase

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Student Showcase  Thursday, March 7, 2013              11:45am-1:15pm

Location:  Outside of Ballrooms


Kindergarten Calendar and Technology 

Our kindergarten students are becomming fluent on the Smartboard.  They observe the calendar routine for 2 months before teaching it to the class themselves.  The entire routine is on the Smartboard and a fascinating project to see!  I'd love to show you how the students are able to learn and teach math concepts (days and months, skip counting, even/odd, base ten, graphing) through the daily calendar routine.  They learn and teach weather concepts, access the internet, and link to songs and books embedded in the Notebook file.  The presentation will include video clips of the students learning and teaching the calendar routine and the Notebook file to interact with.

Alyssa Dey, Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy



''We the Change''---Bully Project at Marvin Ridge Middle School 

Seventh grade students tackled the tough subject and problem of bullying in our school.  This unit was divided into three components:    1)  WEBSITE:  Students researched the subject of bullying and created a bully website on Google Sites.     2)  BULLY POLICY:  Once the students educated themselves on the subject of bullying, they created a comprehensive bully policy for our school.      3)  BOOK CLUB:  Students selected a book to read in November that had a bully theme.  They read, reflected on their stories, and discussed various topics in regards to their bully book.

Stephanie Haring, Marvin Ridge Middle



ACES Make History- Session Cancelled

Students collaborate in pairs to be digital historians.  Each group has an artifact and they complete a project modeled after the PBS History Detectives.  My class is part of a 1:1 pilot and we have transformed this project to be digitally based using Google Drive.  Artifacts range from CW photographs, a western spittoon, and a Belgium Liberation bracelet to name a few. Students have a five-part project anchored by technology that includes planning/investigation, collecting evidence, evaluating sources, and analyzing/drawing conclusions. Their final product is an informative technology based showcase of their research and conclusions in a medium such as glogester, museum box, prezi etc..

Caren Williams, John A. Holmes HS



Using Technology in a Layered Curriculum Classroom 

Come learn how a Spanish class is using technology in a new layered curriculum approach. Your students might not be taking Spanish, but the strategies and assignments might fit right in with other classrooms in your building.

Cassie Kirby-Smith, Cox Mill High School



Using Technology for Group Projects 

Come see how students at Cox Mill High School are working together in groups to create movies, presentations, and other technology based projects.  Projects shown will span all departments and include music videos, re-enactments of shakespeare acts, famous scientific theorists, infomercials, and more.

Krista Trzeszkowski, Cox Mill High School

Zackary Hubbard, Cox Mill High School







Student Showcase  Thursday, March 7, 2013              11:45am-1:15pm

Location:  Outside of Ballrooms


Earth Quest: Turning Earth/Environmental Science into a Game 

What happens if you turn a class into a game?  Students will share their work so far as participants in Earth Quest - a gamified Earth/Environmental science class taught at the high school level.  This game, hosted on the class wiki, involves learning teams of students, called colonies, competing against one another to complete quests and earn points rather than completing traditional assignments.  Students will share the characters they've developed, quests they've completed, and the challenges and benefits of learning in a gamified environment.

Amanda Pratt, Middle College at GTCC - High Point



School Web Development Team 

Our team of sophomores through seniors has planned, designed, and coded several sites for Sanderson High School from the ground up, including a virtual media center for our staff and students.  They use problem-solving skills, industry-standard practices, and are constantly honing their skills and mentoring one another.  They work in HTML, CSS, javascript, Php, and MySQL.

Jennifer Bennett, Sanderson High School, WCPSS

Donna Hitchings, Snaderson HS, WCPSS



QR Codes in the Elementary School 

Students will explain how they use and create QR codes in the school building.  They will  show examples of QR codes that they created and the purpose of the QR codes for different applications.

Jennifer Zoller, Weatherstone Elementary School

Jaclyn Combs, Weatherstone Elementary School



What Makes A Healthy Community? - STEM Project 

Students will work collaboratively to incorporate the Engineering Design Process,  Big 6 Skills, and PBL to answer the question  - What Makes A Healthy Community?  This will be a school-wide project beginning Jan 2013.  Additional details forthcoming

Sonya Terry, City of Medicine Academy



WGNN-Wiley Global News Network 

Wiley Fourth and Fifth Grade students participate in WGNN.  This news elective is unique, in that it is a semester-long class focusing on 21st Century skills, like teamwork, problem solving, writing, research, and computer skills.  Students create the news independently with teacher facilitator.  40 students participate in this rigorous class to produce daily news.    We will share how we integrate the Common Core and 21st Century skills and tips on how to integrate global themes.  We will share lessons, student work samples, management tools, and types of equipment we use.  Students will be available to share thoughts and answer questions.

Sadie Hoover, Wiley Elementary

Jill Molloy, Wiley International Magnet Elementary School/WCPSS



Big 6- Postcards from Nature (5th Grade Eco System Research) 

Students will choose an eco system to research. Using the Common Core as a guideline they will research characteristics, predators, consumers, decomposers, producers and the interdependence of plants and animals.    They will then write a postcard describing what they have learned.     After the postcard is complete they will create postcard pictures in Art Class. They will then create a class video of the students reading their postcards and showing their artwork.

Joanie Williams, Midway Elementary/ Davidson County Schools


Student Showcase  Thursday, March 7, 2013              11:45am-1:15pm

Location:  Outside of Ballrooms


Bobcat News is Back Better than Ever! 

The Bobcat News Team is a group of great kids who produce a wonderful web based news program every week featuring news, but more importantly the best of what Broadview has to offer... our students! We were a part of the Student Showcase last year, but we are so much better this, our second year of broadcasting, that we want to show you everything that we've learned.  We use IMovie complete with green screen technology, and many more of the IMovie bells and whistles.  We are looking forward to wowing the crowd again in 2013!

Colleen Macklin, Broadview Middle School

Nathan Page, Broadview Middle School



Come PLEARN with Us! 

Engage learners from kindergarten to fifth grade with interactive, collaborative, educational gamingfor both mathematics and English Language Arts.  Our goal is to show how PLEARNing(Playing &Learning while Engaging All Resources Now) can be utilized within the classroom to engage all learners with collaborative and/or competitive educational iPad apps.  Our display area will be composed of two supervising teacher and five elementary students.  Each student will challenge a passerby to rival them in one of our showcased apps.  The multiplayer apps include:  Futaba Classroom, Sock Puppets, Bluster, The Opposites, Duck Duck Moose Apps, Marble Math, Motion Math, etc.

Thomas McAlonen, Fuquay Varina Elementary



North Graham‚Äôs Talented Technology Team 

This is the second year that North Graham Elementary School has had an after school Technology Team also known as ‚ÄúTech Club‚Äù with fourth and fifth graders.  The club uses several Web 2.0 resources and equipment to strengthen digital knowledge.      In the student showcase, Tech Club members will spotlight three digital areas they are continuously working on as a team.  The areas include:  iPad apps, Nooks, and the Cardinal Morning Show (Friday announcements).  The students work on free iPad apps such as Leafsnap, VidRhythm, and AutoRap.  Tech Club members will also showcase their knowledge of Nooks and show examples of the Cardinal Morning Show located on the Internet.

Charlotte Lee-Russell, North Graham Elementary

Joy Rust, North Graham Elementary School



Read to Succeed Posters 

Students learned how to use iPads to create teacher interviews about the teacher's favorite books. Students used video in iMovie, photos from Camera Roll and some internet resources to create posters. Posters included a QR code on them to direct persons to the video interview.  Project wiki with completed posters can be found at this link: https://2012wildcats.wikispaces.com/READ+to+Succeed+Mini+Grant

Patricia Stringer, Welborn Academy of Science and Technology

Karen Lloyd, GCS Media Specialist



Stykz in Space 

Third grade students used the Stykz Animation program along with KidPix to create original animated movies depicting their view of space objects and inhabitants.

Dianna Stavros, Walnut Creek Elementary School







Student Showcase  Thursday, March 7, 2013              11:45am-1:15pm

Location:  Outside of Ballrooms


Got 21st Century Skills? 

Second grade students will share projects where they were given real world situations/problems to solve collaboratively.  Students will also share the variety of technology they used to solve these situations/problems as well as the products (technology based) they created to share their responses.

Angie Sigmon, Shuford Elementary



Using Edmodo in the Foreign Language Classroom 

Students will be showing how they use Edmodo, a social networking platform for education, to enhance their Spanish learning experience. They will show how to use Edmodo to extend the Spanish learning outside of the classroom, and make learning meaningful and engaging.

Anita Cardona, Joyner Elementary School - WCPSS



iMania: Prepare to be Dazzled 

Students will dazzle you with their iProducts demonstrating Common Core ELA and Math concepts. Come experience these student projects using iMovie trailers, iMovie, and the Educreation Application to ''flip'' science and social studies lessons. 4th and 5th grade students will be your leaders for this learning adventure.

Rene Herrick, Fuquay Varina ES

Sherron Hornaday, Fuquay Varina Elementary

Kristin Poe, Fuquay Varina Elementary



Going Digital: Fourth Grade 1:1 iPad Project 

Stop on by to see how 4th grade students utilize 1 to 1 iPads in their classroom.  Students are using the technology daily to enhance and expand their thinking.  They create movies, collages, white board presentations, and much more.

Andrea Kisielius, Bugg ES



Little People Big Technology 

Who said our youngest learners can't create great things using technology?  Stop by to see the exciting projects produced by elementary students using ipads and other great web 2.0 tools!

Regina Sheehan, Bugg ES


Global Smorgasbord

Students have used online databases to research various countries in the world in the Foods 1 class. Each group has used technology to create a placemat design, market order, work plan, invitation, and has found regional recipes to cook for the global buffet that will be held at holiday time for staff members.  Come see how students have used technology to work as teams on this project.

Christine Whelan, Cox Mill High School



State Inquiry Project

Students conducted self directed internet research to gather information about individual states relating to Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Music, Spanish, Art, and Physical Education. Information was presented via Prezi, Glogster, Google Presentation, or Movie Maker. Each student was required to include 5 weather data graphs on Google Spreadsheet in their presentation. Photos and video were captured with iPods touches or using screenshot capabilities on laptops. Students collaborated on their choice of technology and discerning quality information to be included in each presentation.

AB Benton, Cape Fear Center for Inquiry

Courtney Lewis, Cape Fear Center for Inquiry



Bojangles Advertising Project

Students project include proposing new products to Bojangles. They do all the work from conception to final product. It incorporates persuasive writing through advertising in all formats.

Susan Williams, Weddington Middle School



Creating to Learn - Implementing 21st Century Technologies to Teach the Common Core

This session will cover:  1. Set-up and management of log-ins, passwords, and class groups.  2. Designing assignments that empower students and motivate learning.   3. Application and use of 4 main programs: Storybird, GoAnimate, ToonDoo, Kerpoof.  4. Building student ability and confidence by scaffolding the learning of  technology & information skills.   5. Providing opportunities for students to evaluate and analyze information in order to develop ideas and products.    Web 2.0 Tools:  Storybird, GoAnimate, ToonDoo, Kerpoof.

Learn About GoAnimate: http://animoto.com/play/OaGAnQrvEdjmpjTc70PJ0w 

Learn About Kerpoof:  http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/tttrent-1711862-kerpoof-free-or-paid/ 

Student Work:  http://www.ddesbuzz.com/ 

Tiffany Trent, Dillard Drive Elementary, Technology Teacher

Kathy Vendeventer, Dillard Drive Elementary, Media Specialist



Tech Know Kids: Keeping it Savvy

We have a class structured with students teaching teachers about the tech tools available to them.  Our project will focus on incorporating tech tools with the tiers of Bloom's Taxonomy--a project our students have presented to the staff at our school.

Molly Zimmer, Brawley Middle School

Kim Flowers, Brawley Middle School


Student Multimedia Projects Using iPads

Students in our 3rd grade classes have iPads as part of a pilot one-to-one initiative.  Students use the iPads and the application Animoto to create multimedia video presentations of concepts learned.  They search the internet for facts, select full color images of their topic, choose background music, and create a multimedia presentation to demonstrate their personal learning.  These presentations cover various curriculum topics in social studies, science, and math while incorporating various 21st century skills.

Jessica Mays, Ellendale Elementary

Heidi Hefner, Ellendale Elementary




Student Workflow Solutions for 1:1 iPad teaching & Learning

We will demonstrate a number of tried and tested workflow solutions found to be exemplary in the iPad equipped learning environment.  Students will demonstrate key apps for annotating, storing, and submitting documents across the curriculum.  See how the students, teachers, and others facilitate collaborative relationships to achieve maximum academic gain.

David Mahaley, Franklin Academy

Alison Edwards, Franklin Academy



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